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Bariatric Surgery, commonly known as weight-loss surgery, is indicated for patients with a Body Mass Index (BMI = kg/m2) above 40 or for patients with a BMI ranging between 35 and 40 and having related health issues. Moreover, diabetic patients with a BMI greater than 30 can also chose bariatric surgery as a treatment approach.

Bariatric Surgery at CMC is performed laparoscopically (a minimally invasive method) and can also be done without any evident scar through the technique: the Single Site Trans-Umbilical Laparoscopy.


The types of Bariatric Surgery provided at CMC are:

1.Gastric Banding: a silicone, hollow and inflatable ring is positioned around the entry of the stomach. The surgeon modifies the diameter of the entry of food to the stomach according to the weight-loss and eating capabilities of the patient.

2.Sleeve Gastrectomy: a laparoscopic surgery where 80% of the stomach is removed. This results in a small gastric pouch and reduces the volume of food intake and hunger.

3.Roux-in-Y Gastric Bypass: a laparoscopic procedure where the stomach is divided in two parts:
a. A larger part that remains closed and is excluded from the digestive tract.
b. A smaller and functional gastric pouch that is connected to the esophagus and receives very small meals. It is then connected to the bowel (bypassing 1.5 to 2 m of the bowel) to re-establish the continuity of the digestive circuit.

The result of the Roux-in-Y Gastric Bypass Surgery is double: limited food intake and lower calories absorption because of the partial bowel exclusion. Vitamin supplements will have to be prescribed to the patient to avoid deficiencies.


Bariatric Surgery is the only validated treatment for severe/morbid obesity. It is performed at CMC exclusively under laparoscopy and can be done with no visible scar. Complication rate is not significant with patients being carefully selected and operated on by an experienced surgical team as it is the case at CMC.

The Bariatric Surgery program is directed by Professor Claude Tayar, an international expert in this field who recently joined the General Surgery department at CMC.

To schedule an appointment with a Bariatric Surgeon please call the hotline 1240 or +961 1 372888 on extension 1150 or request an appointment online.