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At CMC the central focus of our dedicated team of Pediatric professionals is to maintain the health & medical well-being of your children from birth to adolescence.

We are committed to providing your child with the greatest care by combining compassion and concern with medical and surgical expertise.


We ensure primary pediatric care including emergency room care; surgical care including pediatric neurology; inpatient and outpatient care for sick children as well as paying particular attention to their developmental progress and their immunization.

We also provide primary neonatology care in our newborn nursery and special care nursery for sick and premature newborns.

To schedule an appointment with a Pediatrician please call the hotline 1240 or +961 1 372888 on extension 6000-6600 or request an appointment online.

Patient Education
Asthma in Children

The baby friendly concept is designed to enhance the newborn health and to ease the postpartum period which is an important transitory phase in the parenting process. This concept has three major components:

1 • Skin to skin contact

Your baby should be placed directly on your chest after delivery and remain there until the first feeding is accomplished. This helps support a healthy transition from the intra uterin to the extra uterin life of your baby. The more contact mom and baby have in the first few hours and days, the better for both of them!

2 • Exclusive breastfeeding

Nurse your baby within the first hour after birth. If you have a Caesarean section, breastfeed as soon as you are able (try not exceeding 2 hours post delivery). The first milk, called colostrums, is thick and yellow and is produced in small amounts. It is all your baby needs for a healthy start. If you nurse early and often, you will have adequate milk.

3 • Rooming-in


Coughing is a healthy reflex that helps clear the airways. A severe or lingering cough requires medical treatment, but many coughs are caused by viruses that just need to run their course.

Child Growth & Development

Watching a young child grow is a wonderful and unique experience for a parent. Learning to sit up, walk and talk are some of the more major developmental “milestones” your child will achieve.

Pediatric Fall Precautions

Why you should learn about fall?

When a baby first learns to walk, preventing falls requires constant supervision. Babies reach, grasp, roll, sit, and eventually crawl, pull up and walk. At many stages in the first 2 years, they are able to move around and get into things in one way or another. Toddlers will try to climb but may not have the coordination to react to certain dangers. They will pull themselves up using table legs and may use bureaus and dressers as jungle gyms. They will reach for whatever they can see. So the potential for a dangerous fall or a tumble into a sharp edge can happen in nearly every area of your home.

Introduction of Solid Foods for Infants
Vaccination & Immunization Instructions

A vaccine, like any medicine, is capable of causing problems, such as allergic reactions. The risk of vaccines causing serious harm is extremely small.

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