Clemenceau Medical Center 10th Annual Women’s Health Symposium (30/06/2018)

Clemenceau Medical Center (CMC), in affiliation with Johns Hopkins Medicine International, hosted the 10th Annual Women’s Health Symposium. Experts from Johns Hopkins Hospital and around the region gathered to discuss prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of major women's health issues that are prevalent in Lebanon, the Middle East, and worldwide.

The 10th edition of the symposium brings to light updates on common health conditions and diseases amongst women, that includes but not limited to, laser therapy as a new approach to menopausal and sexual dysfunction issues, latest trends in obstetrics & gynecology surgery, breast cancer screening, minimally invasive gynecological surgery, and breast imaging. The multi-disciplinary forum attracted attendees from multiple fields including obstetrics & gynecologists, imaging specialists, oncologists, primary care and internal medicine physicians, healthcare managers, midwives and nurses.

The list of international speakers included world-renowned experts from Johns Hopkins Hospital: Dr. Kamal Hamod and Dr. Stephen Martin.

Dr. Mounes Kalaawi, CEO of Clemenceau Medical Center, stated, “We are proud to provide a platform that brings together leaders and experts in health care for substantive discussions of recent women’s health topics. The speakers at the conference represent many important facets of health care – the patient, industry, and health care and service providers- who’s input and expertise are crucial as we work together towards the common goal of improving overall patient care.”