Clemenceau Medical Center 4th Annual Neurospine Summit (11/05/2018)

Clemenceau Medical Center (CMC), in affiliation with Johns Hopkins Medicine International, hosted the 4th Annual Neurospine Summit. Experts from Johns Hopkins Hospital and around the region gathered to discuss the latest trends and discoveries in surgical management of Spinal injuries, complication management in Spinal deformities, advances in Neuro-oncology, advances in Neurovascular disease, and management of pain and peripheral nerves.

The aim of the forum, held over 2 days, was to provide an opportunity for multi-disciplinary healthcare providers to address different topics related to the neurosurgical and spinal care of patients. The inter-disciplinary forum attracted attendees from multiple fields including neurologists, neurosurgeons, orthopedic spine surgeons, oncologists, imaging specialists, rheumatologists, pain management specialists, primary care and internal medicine physicians, physiotherapists and nurses.

The list of international speakers included world-renowned experts from Johns Hopkins Hospital: Dr. Ali Bydon, Dr. Allan Belzberg, Dr. Judy Huang, Dr. Michel Lim, Dr. Larry Lo, Dr. Brian Neuman, and Dr. Timothy Witham. In addition to leading regional physicians Dr. Youssef Comair, Dr. Pascal Jabbour, Dr. Mohammad Badra, amongst many.

Dr. Mounes Kalaawi, CEO of Clemenceau Medical Center, stated, “CMC is actively involved in providing high-quality tertiary healthcare services to our community, and in order to maintain that, dissemination of knowledge and exchange of know-how is vital. Treatment of the spine and neurological system is a complicated field of modern medicine, therefore is it crucial to have constant collaboration amongst experts on an individual level and amongst CMC and Hopkins on an institutional level.”