Clemenceau Medical Center Named as 2018 Top Healthcare Facility in the World, Again (28/03/2018)

Beirut, Lebanon – 28th March 2018: Clemenceau Medical Center (CMC), in affiliation with Johns Hopkins Medicine International, is being commended once again as an outstanding healthcare facility with high quality treatment and care that matches that of the best hospitals, not only in the Middle East, but across Europe and the USA. CMC has been listed No# 13 in the Top 25 Most Beautiful Hospitals in the World and also listed No# 2 on the Medical Travel Quality Alliance (MTQUA) Top 10 World’s Best Hospitals.

Dr. Mounes Kalaawi, CEO of Clemenceau Medical Center, stated, “It is an honor to be among this elite group of hospitals. Our mission has always been quality healthcare within international standards and this commendation demonstrates that our healthcare is patient-centered and of the highest quality; it reflects our incessant commitment to maintain these high standards of care.”

MTQUA reviews hospitals in Asia, Middle East, Europe and the Americas for excellence in treating and caring for medical tourists from around the world. The MTQUA team conducts site visits and selects hospitals based on the quality of medical treatment and on several non-clinical factors including quality of care, communications, marketing, value for money, cultural and social sensitivity, privacy, safety, and leadership support of medical tourism.

The 25 Most Beautiful Hospitals in the World list, interior and exterior features and their health-promoting qualities are considered. Designs including nature-inspired elements, soft color schemes, and exterior facades designed with regards to their natural settings placed these facilities on the list.

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