Clemenceau Medical Center Shortlisted for 5 categories in the IMTJ Medical Travel Awards (08/10/2019)

Beirut’s CMC is Recognized Internationally among the Top Worldwide Players in HealthCare

Clemenceau Medical Center (CMC), affiliated with Johns Hopkins Medicine International, has been shortlisted for 5 major categories at the IMTJ Medical Travel Awards scheduled to take place in Berlin on December 3, 2019. IMTJ Medical Travel Awards recognize innovation and excellence in the medical travel industry worldwide.


CMC has been shortlisted for the below mentioned categories:

-Best Quality Initiative

-Excellence in Customer Service

-Best Use of Technology in Medical Travel

-International Cancer Center of the Year

-International Eye Clinic of the Year.


The nomination demonstrates CMC’s success in attracting and serving international patients by providing a range of services, service quality with a focus on patient satisfaction and language of care. Moreover, CMC has proven to continuously develop its departments such as the Eye Clinic and Cancer Center, in order to reflect the needs of the patients and offer innovative technologies resulting in treatments to debilitating medical cases.


“At CMC, we believe in healthcare beyond borders, that is, we focus not only to serve the local market, but to also offer hope and treatments to more people without letting boundaries encumber us. Our commitment and dedication to be an international brand that is synonymous with health care excellence has allowed us to focus on delivering comprehensive medical care with warmth and compassion. This has been growth inspiring and is only the beginning of our journey to continuous expansion across the globe!” – Dr. Mounes Kalaawi, CEO & Co-Founder of CMC.