Clemenceau Medical Center Tops the List of the World’s Best Hospitals for Medical Travelers (29/03/2019)

Clemenceau Medical Center (CMC) affiliated with Johns Hopkins International, has been crowned the Best Hospital in the World for Medical Travelers, scoring a major achievement.

CMC is the first Lebanese hospital to receive this accolade, which reflects its relentless effort in attracting and providing the best of healthcare to international patients and medical travelers. The medical center has been in the top 10 list since 2016 while rising through the ranks, landing the number 2 spot for the past two consecutive years and making it to this year’s number 1 spot. With this international distinction added on to CMC’s long list of recognitions and accreditations, the hospital proves once again that Lebanon is accurately depicted as "the Middle East hospital" owing to its advanced health sector that makes it unique in its surrounding.

Dr. Mounes Kalaawi, Co-Founder & CEO of CMC, stated: “We are honored to receive this prominent recognition for our hard work to provide high-value healthcare of world- class quality; and the growing awareness of the Lebanese healthcare sector’s notable capability to deliver excellent medical services”.

In selecting the hospitals for this list, MTQUA goes beyond high quality medical treatment and accreditation to include criteria developed for the needs of medical travelers and international patients, which include communication, transparency, privacy, security, marketing, ethics and leadership.