Clemenceau Medical Center is accredited for the third time from Joint Commission International (19/01/2015)

Clemenceau Medical Center in affiliation with Johns Hopkins International has been accredited for the third time after three years from its Joint Commission International (JCI) Re-accreditation in 2012. Accreditation and certification are granted to health care organizations that meet a set of standard requirements designed to improve quality of care. CMC was 99.6% compliant with the 285 standard requirements of the 1160 Measurable elements set by JCI Reaccreditation.

“This was not a good report, that was an excellent report” said Robert Christmas, team leader of JCI surveyor team. “We are leaving CMC carrying with us hundreds of best practices that can be shared with other institutes worldwide” added the JCI surveyor team.

Dr. Mounes Kalaawi, Chief Executive Officer of CMC hospital stated:” Clemenceau Medical Center Accreditation for the third time by JCI is an outstanding achievement for Lebanon and the region.
Today CMC’s commitment to quality and service excellence once again is recognized and exceeded all expectations.
I am sure that maintaining our JCI Accreditation for the third time is a testament to the hard work, professionalism and commitment to excellence in patient care that we developed in this hospital over the last 10 years. CMC is continuously raising healthcare quality and standards to higher level “.

The Joint Commission International (JCI) works to improve patient safety and quality of health care in the International community by offering international accreditation and certification as well as through advisory and educational services in order to promote rigorous standards of care and to provide solutions for achieving peak performance.