Medical Second Opinion (MSO)

Going the Extra Miles to Serve Your Medical Needs

Today, telemedicine consultations are within your reach! From now on, you do not have to go through the hassle of crossing thousands of miles for a medical second opinion from Johns Hopkins Medicine International experts: Clemenceau Medical Center by means of its affiliation with the number One rated hospital in the United States, and its most advanced technologies abridges distances to serve you better.

The Medical Second Opinion program is designed to cater to patients’ medical needs. The purpose of the medical second opinion program from Johns Hopkins in Baltimore is to provide information to the patient or the local treating physician, so that an informed decision can be made in managing the patient’s healthcare needs.

Medical Second Opinions are provided by Clemenceau Medical Center upon patients’ requests by the International Office and requests are followed by designated physicians. Furthermore, this service is available in three types:

First and foremost, Video Tele-consultation can be provided during which the patient’s physician will be in contact with a delegated physician from John Hopkins International to discuss the patient’s medical case. Another frequently used method is the Medical Second Opinion Report, which consists of a pre-defined report, to be filled by the patient’s physician and then is sent to John Hopkins International, along with any needed results & reports, for their review and medical opinion. Lastly, this service is provided as a referral to John Hopkins International in Baltimore, U.S.A, surely after the arrangement of all needed procedures by the International Office, to ensure a smooth transfer of patient himself and all the information needed for his case.

The time frame and the cost of any type of Medical Second Opinion are specified according to complexity of the medical case, thus the number of physicians involved from Johns Hopkins International, and the tests that are needed and other undetermined factors.


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