Dr Ghada Ballane is a consultant physician in Endocrinology & Metabolism.
After graduating from Medical School as valedictorian, she pursued her three years of internal medicine residency training at the American University of Beirut Medical Center.
In 2009-2010, she was selected as the Chief Resident of the Internal Medicine Department.
She then completed a two- year fellowship in Endocrinology and Metabolism.

She was appointed afterwards as a full-time endocrinologist at the Keserwan Medical Center where she launched the endocrinology clinic, designed and implemented the hospital protocols and conducted staff training. She was also a clinical associate and instructor at the faculty of Medicine at the American University of Beirut.
In 2021, she became the associate Chief Medical Officer at the Keserwan Medical Center.
She is also currently a consultant endocrinologist at Clemenceau Medical Center.

In parallel to her clinical practice, Dr Ballane has research interests. She reviewed and published articles in international peer- reviewed journals. She also had a poster presentation at the International Osteoporosis Foundation meeting.

In addition, she conducted several public awareness campaigns about diabetes, lipids and obesity in a hospital and outside the hospital setting.



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