I am an experienced Pediatric Cardiologist with over 30 years of work experience in this field averaging more than 2,700 echography per year, 100 cardiac catheterization diagnostics and interventions per year (until 2017) as well as numerous Holter & ECG.
In parallel to that, I was involved in numerous committees, boards & congress while also writing numerous original research articles related to the field as well as publishing a book focused on Pediatric Cardiology.
In 2008, I was chosen to lead the department of Pediatrics at the Lebanese university, a position which I held until 2020. I was also on the committee of academic title attribution as well as the Ministry of Health’s committee which investigates cases of medical malpractice.


Professor & Chairman – Lebanese University Beirut, Lebanon
2008 - 2020
• Director of thesis for the Degree of Doctor in Medicine [27 Theses]
• Member of the Governmental council for medical malpractice within the Ministry of Health.
• Member of the university board responsible of medical title attributions to faculty.
• Teaching Pediatric Cardiology for students and residents
• Department of Pediatrics, Faculty of Medical Sciences, School of Medicine


Paris - Creteil University Paris, France
Pediatric Cardiology, University Diploma (French Board of Pediatric Cardiology)

Paris - Descartes University Necker Paris, France
Pediatrics, CES d’Etat Français (French Board of Pediatrics)

Limoges University Limoges, France
Attestation, Preventive Pediatrics

Diplôme d’Etat de Docteur en Médecine