Dr Reine Fahed is the director of breast imaging unit at Clemenceau Medical Center, Beirut.
She is a radiologist graduated from Saint Joseph University, Beirut with a Breast Imaging Fellowship from Johns Hopkins University, USA.
Experienced in working in a breast center of excellence where there is a close relation between the radiologists, breast surgeons, pathologists, and oncologists to provide a multidisciplinary approach with highly skilled medical professionals for the best interest of the patients.


Director of breast Imaging unit; full time radiologist; Clemenceau Medical Center.


2014:  Breast Imaging Fellowship; Johns Hopkins University; USA
2013:  Radiology Residency; Hotel-Dieu de France Hospital; Lebanon
2008:   Doctor of Medicine; Saint Joseph University School of Medicine; Lebanon
2001:   Lebanese baccalaureateII Experimental sciences



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