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CMC has the facilities and services to serve the unique needs of patients from Lebanon and the Middle East. Virtually all medical services a patient might need from outpatient to inpatient care – doctor’s visits, testing, surgery, laboratory, imaging and hospital care – are all available "under one roof". The scheduling of these services is done in a coordinated and efficient way, so that what could take days and weeks to accomplish can be done in a matter of hours.

Premiere Executive Health Check

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The Clemenceau Medical Center offers the Premiere Executive Health Check; a thorough determination of the health status with a customized wellness program for a continued health and well-being.

The Premiere Executive Health Check at CMC is designed, regardless of age and gender, to help busy executives manage their most important asset; their health. Trying to fit a proper health care screening program into an overloaded time schedule can sometimes be challenging; for this reason, we have developed this fully comprehensive program.

This program is designed to target, reduce and eliminate health risks by early detection and counseling on the personâ's lifestyle, where preventive measures can be taken to avoid the progression of any disease.

The Premiere Executive Health Check program guarantees an experienced team of world-renowned specialists, cutting-edge technology, personal services and strict confidentiality. The program will provide a complete panel of tests and examinations requiring the person to spend one full day within our care, and additional tests can be accommodated by consulting with the Premiere Executive Health Check Team.

The Executive Health visit is personalized for each individual patient. As such, the exact total cost for services cannot be determined in advance. The total cost is around USD 6,600 in a first class room, depending on the Executive criteria (age, gender, medical history...) and the tests that are to be done.
Appointments are scheduled any day between Monday & Friday starting 8.30am.

As for the preparations, you are kindly requested:

-To bring a list of current medications and their specified dosages.
-To bring pertinent medical information and X-rays.
-To bring comfortable clothing and shoes to wear while completing the tests.
-To fast 8 hours prior to admission.

Should you need any further information or clarification, please contact the international office on +961 1 372888 ext. 1101


Bariatric Program

Obesity treatment service is provided at CMC by a comprehensive multidisciplinary team. This includes a one day workup (exhaustive blood tests, gastroscopy, CT scan, Sleep Study...) with pre-operative assessment. When surgery is indicated high end laparoscopic/ robotic procedures are performed by internationally  recognized expert surgeons including laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy, roux in y gastric bypass, gastric banding and other complex procedures mainly redo surgeries for complications and weight regain. A dedicated team comprising specialized dietitians will then ensure in hospital and long term follow-up. 

Smoking Cessation

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The Clemenceau Medical Center offers the Smoking Cessation Program. A program designed to help smokers quit and beat the risks and dangers of smoking.

The Smoking Cessation Center at Clemenceau Medical Center is not only a smoking cessation clinic, it is a comprehensive health assessment center, were various tobacco-related diseases are diagnosed then referred for proper therapy.

When you join the smoking cessation center we will start by assessing the severity of your addiction. We will then search for the different tobacco-related diseases.

Clemenceau Medical Center offers a spectrum of latest and state of the art diagnostic tools and tests for the assessment of Lung Cancer, COPD, & various Vascular Diseases. Initial & follow-up consultations will be scheduled with our smoking cessation specialist, dietician, & psychologist. Telephone follow-ups with the smoking cessation coordinator will be scheduled. In addition to recommending lifestyle changes, dietary advice, & promoting exercise, your doctor will prescribe the most suitable medication to help you control your cravings & refrain from smoking.

The aim is to create awareness about the availability of this specified center at CMC.

Should you need any further information or clarification, please contact the international office on +961 1 372888 ext. 1165/1166


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