Clemenceau Medicine International (CMI)

Message from the Chairman


From world class medical excellence in elegant surroundings of the finest quality, to personalized care and services, Clemenceau Medicine International (CMI), is committed to extending and advancing the Clemenceau Medicine’s mission of patient care both regionally and internationally. We have chosen to specialize within the healthcare industry, by offering only experiences of outstanding quality, to develop “true homes” away from home for those who know and appreciate the best. Founded in 2008, CMI will be following a targeted course of expansion, and aims to be recognized as the organization that manages the finest medical centers wherever we locate.


How We Envision


Our vision is to pursue innovation in healthcare and be a leading facilitator of quality healthcare in the region. We believe in perfecting the healthcare experience through the latest trends and the highest standards of medical services and hospitality.


How We Feel


We are devoted to transferring the knowledge and expertise of the best in the World to the Middle East. CMI will continue to lead the healthcare industry with innovative enhancements, and continually upgrade the standards in medical services, making the hospitalization process easier and more rewarding.


How We Think


We venture in creating centers of enduring value using the latest technology and superior design, and support them with a deeply instilled ethic of excellent patient care and service. Doing so allows CMI to satisfy the needs and tastes of its partners , and to maintain the position of the Clemenceau Medicine network as one of the region’s leading healthcare networks.

Our greatest asset, and the key to our success, is our people. The deeply instilled Clemenceau Medicine culture is personified in its doctors, nurses and employees- people who share a single focus and are inspired to offer great services and gain the community’s confidence. Located in Beirut, in the heart of Middle East, we are constantly by your side; ensuring that excellent healthcare services are always within your reach. Through our proficient services, we strive to foster partnerships with international organizations and help them excel regionally and serve as examples of excellence internationally. Our strategic alliances with world renowned organizations enable us to succeed in following the latest trends and achieving our objectives.


How We Succeed


We succeed when every decision is based on a clear understanding of and belief in what we do and when we couple this conviction with sound financial planning. We expect to achieve a fair and reasonable profit to ensure the prosperity of the organization, and to offer long-term benefits to patients, shareholders, and employees.


Our Services


Our services stem from one principle: “Supplying partners with the cutting edge of Self Sustainability and Competitiveness over their competitors ensuring unsurpassed healthcare planning, designing, building, equipping, operating and managing through extensive know how and expertise…”

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